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Don’t Settle for a Slow-Performing Network

Work With an Expert Cat6 Structured Cabling Company in Richmond, VA

Proper cabling is important to making sure your wires are well-maintained and run efficiently. Corban Communications & Security performs Cat6 structured cabling installations for clients in Richmond, VA. When you let a well-qualified structured cabling company handle your Cat6 wiring installation, you’ll know that the final setup will be organized and efficient.
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Trust us to Answer Your FAQs

Cabling installations can be complicated, but you can rest assured that we’re here to provide answers to our clients’ most common questions. Read our FAQ below to learn more about Cat6 structured cabling installations:
What does structured cabling do? It allows you to keep your wiring organized and easily implement future updates without messing up the rest of the infrastructure in the process.
Why get a Cat6 cable instead of a Cat5? Cat5 cables only have a bandwidth of up to 100Mhz. CAT6 cables are designed for operating frequencies up to 250 MHz, so they can process more data in the same amount of time.
What’s the difference between Cat6 and Ethernet cables? They all support Ethernet networks, just at different grades of copper cable data transmission cables.
Are Cat6 cables good for gaming? Cat6 cables are often preferred for gaming. This isn't necessarily because of speed, but because Cat6 cables are better at handling interference than Cat5 cables.

You won’t want to wait to start benefiting from a more organized cable system. Contact us today to hire our top-notch structured cabling company.