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Home Security & Fire Alarm Systems

Corban Communications & Security offers the installation of state-of-the-art home security and fire alarm systems for Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.  Our new wireless systems utilize military grade encryption for worry free remote access and monitoring. Much like our commercial grade equipment, our residential systems are packed with modern technology that incorporates many useful features to ensure the most effective monitoring of your residence 24/7. We believe in the products so much, that we at Corban Communications & Security monitor our own residencies with the same exact products that we offer to customers. Sadly, in today's world, you can never be too safe. Take action before they do, and protect what means most to you.

CCTV security camera surveillance on the wall
** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Reduce Threat

According to a study on burglar alarm effectiveness, there are 4 main ways to significantly reduce the threat of burglary
  1. Detection: Home Security Systems are the only form of detection
  2. Deterring Measures: Deterring measures make it appear that someone is home. Some home security systems also include mobile apps or home automation options to help deter break-ins
  3. Preventative Measures: The average break-in averages 60 seconds or less so anything to prevent a break-in or make it take longer can help prevent burglaries such as deadbolts or bars on windows
  4. Managerial Measures: Similar to deterring measures, these would include things you can set up such as stopping mail or newspaper delivery
If there ends up being a burglary, the home with an alarm system ends up losing about $2,000 less than a similar home without a home security system. The system essentially pays for itself! Don't wait until it is too late. Take the initiative, and give us a cal for a free quote.
Free Window Sensors
Contact Us Today! Just mention this ad over the phone or click the button and we will throw in free window sensors (up to 5 windows) with your purchase.

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